“Peach’s is a great value-add for us!”

Marketing your business and finding customers is hard and expensive. That’s why we created Peach’s – so we could reach new customers on autopilot with no marketing spend. Problem solved!

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Solving your “how do I find customers?” problem

  1. Get set up

    Sign up for Peach’s. Your referral program is up and running ​with just a few clicks – zero tech skills required!

  2. Get your first referral

    Your peachy keen customers sign up for your referral program via your store, then share it with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

  3. Make sales

    Say hello to more traffic, closely followed by more customers and a pretty sweet boost in revenue.

  4. Reward your referrers

    After you get an order via referral, we’ll automatically generate a discount code for the referrer and email it to them. Max out on customer loyalty!

  5. Get even more referrals

    Use the dashboard to see trends, referrals, and top referring customers so you can see how things are tracking and get even more referrals.

Exclusive Squarespace Integrations

Our referral programs offer seamless Squarespace integration and unmatched functionality because Peach’s is purpose-built for Squarespace.

Pop-Up Widgets

Order Emails

Landing Pages

Customizable Emails

Stackable Rewards

What will your customers see?

Find out how our referral solution integrates with your website.

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Our goal is to drive traffic results in sales... Peach’s offers a great incentive to create more awareness as well as give the customer some promo love.

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Reach out to our dedicated customer support team for help with everything from sales to tech integration. Or just to say hi!


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